"Organizations need results that focus on improving employee communications, customer experience, and expense reduction."

Collaboration is becoming increasingly necessary to eliminate barriers in communication across departments, organizations, and technologies. When you invest in collaborative technologies, you dramatically increase your workforce productivity. Your employees and customers will feel the results when you can communicate with them clearly as a team.

Our team of certified engineers and project developers will work closely with you to plan, design, install and support a state-of-the-art collaboration solution that’s tailored to meet your needs – and your budget. Rather than simply selling products, we bring together a wide range of technologies from today’s top manufacturers to create one seamless collaboration system for you. Below are several cutting-edge communication solutions and presentation systems we provide.

Video Conferencing – Connects different locations within your company or speak to out-of-state vendors. Transmit real-time audio and video interactive communication between two or more locations, through your digital network.

Video Streaming – Uses the Internet, broadcast your video content as it’s being created, or retrieve archived videos for broadcast to a central room. This allows your business and customers to easily project and communicate with any device, anywhere.

Sound Masking – minimizes conversations around you, helping you to focus in the office. Protecting speech privacy and confidential information. Sound masking is not too loud, not too soft, it’s just right. Sound masking is precisely engineered to match and mask human speech, at the right frequency and decibel. Open floor plans, conference rooms or private offices that need privacy need a system that will keep you environment protected.

Unified Communications – consolidates your voice, video and data communications and boost your business productivity with Unified Communications.